Willem van der Weide

Willem van der Weide (1980) lives and works in Amsterdam.

In my new series of abstract paintings, i am entering into a dialogue with paint. I create surfaces reminiscent of stains, through the application of pure undiluted oil paint the raw linen acts like a sponge.
The stains are built up through multiple layers, creating void like centers that gradually recede into the linen.
Each stain is unique and is part of a larger space. The linen functions as space between the stains but also connects them. The dark void like stains draw you in, while the remaining spaces of open linen acts like a counter to the void. It is only when one is standing in front of the work that the subtle nuances in colour and form are clearly visible. From a distance the colours blend and the stains interact, resulting in a sense of space that contracts and expands before your eyes.

As a child i often dreamt about exploring an endless universe. In this universe I would be pulled through a black hole disappearing into a huge nothingness. I think what i longed for but also feared was to be somewhere that was alienated from the world we live in. Diving into an unknown place and being there alone. That for me is the power of working in abstraction; the rules are unknown and everything we accept as familiar does not exist. I am an explorer of the void and I use paint and Linen as my conduits.


2018 Art Festival, Bergen

2018 Weefhuis, Zaandijk
Budinsky Fund

2017 Zaans Groen, Zaandam

2017 Paleis van Mieris, Amsterdam

2017 Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam

2016 Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle
Finalist AVROTROS-ArtContest

2015 Galerie Bart Invites, Amsterdam
Platform Platvorm 'Show what you want show'

2014 VondelCS, Amsterdam
Finalist AVROTROS-ArtContest

2013 Singel 383, Amsterdam

2011 Museum Waterland, Purmerend